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Interested in : Science | Entertainment | Technology
Not interested in : Religion | Politics | Myth

Known as creator of GTA Extreme, but right now not play it anymore, more often watching anime/movies. See my list of watched anime with my personal score rating here.

Gaming mostly in World of Warships, Battlefield V, and Rainbow Six.
See list of my favorite film/anime below, also there is list of some app & tools i made

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Favorite Anime

This is a small list of impactful anime for me.
*For complete list see here

TitleReason why memorable
Shigatsu wa Kimi no UsoFirst anime make me want to watch more anime, Beautiful sadness.
Death NoteEpic duel, Best Psychological thriller, Best Character, Depth moral value.
Kimi no Na waLove the artstyle, good music, best cinematic anime
3-gatsu no LionVery relatable character, best adaptation
FLCL/ProgressiveGood randomness, somewhat enjoyable
HinamatsuriGood comedy, surprisingly have meaningful family & life wisdom
Non Non Biyori/RepeatRelaxing slice of life
HyoukaGreat character detail, relateable, also surprisingly great romance
Kaguya-sama: Love is WarHow cute, Make me very happy
Favorite Movie

This is a small list of impactful movie for me.
*Not all movie included in this list

TitleReason why memorable
Black MirrorInteresting topic
The Dark KnightBest Villain, good cinematography
Back to the FutureAmazing VFX & spark my imagination
ParasiteBrilliant family thriller, with flawless execution
The MartianBest Space Sci-Fi, realistic view on scientist
Eye in the SkyFocused event, well executed dilema and freedom of conclusion
The PrestigeWell executed film about magician & magic trick
3 IdiotsBest comedy, Good moral value
Pirates of the Caribbean: Black PearlBest action adventure comedy
Se7enBest crime & Drama
My Apps & Tools

My Online tools

Samehadaku Bypass (melewati shortlink download web samehadaku, memberikan link downlaod file langsung)

GTAind Proxy (Web Proxy)

Manual Unblocker (Memberikan cara unblock permanen web menggunakan file host windows)

GTAind Console (web console cuma iseng buat senang2)

Webservices File Upload (upload files directly to Google Drive using API)

My Windows App

My Anime Info (Windows app berisi info lengkap semua anime)

My Anime Info (Chrome) (Chromium version, ukuran lebih besar tapi bisa untuk streaming video)

Fast Copy (Windows copy file dengan pengaturan lebih dan detail log pengcopyan menggunakan robocopy)

My Web

GTAind (Mod GTA SA & GTA V, juga tempat kommunitas GTA Extreme Indonesia)

DexAnime (Download anime batch dari berbagai sumber)

AniMixPlay (Anime video playlist generator & sharing) ShortLink (Shortlink custom & random, untuk menyingkat URL) / base64